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We will achieve our goal, which is winning: Nigeria U19 captain

Tue, Jul 20, 2010 1:05 PM

We will achieve our goal, which is winning: Nigeria U19 captain
Abioye Abiodun, Nigeria U19 captain, looks forward to a successful ICC Africa U19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier Division 2 event in Swaziland, and says that his team will put up a tough fight in the competition.

The team will compete in the event, along with Gambia, Mozambique, Rwanda and hosts Swaziland, which will be played from 26-30 July 2010 and will be held in Big Bend, a small village in the Lowveld of Swaziland.

Nigeria has been training hard for the event participating in a two-week closed camp in Lagos in July for more technical training. This involved sharpening and perfecting techniques in skills such as batting, bowling and fielding.

Abiodun said: "The boys have been working really hard. Fitness has been a major part of our preparations. The coaches in their various regions have been fine-tuning our mental preparation and tactical awareness. We are just looking forward to bonding as a team before heading for the tournament in Swaziland."

"We had memorable recent performances when we played in Zambia for the first time last year. We had a good game against Uganda, when we had them searching for air. Even though we lost the match, we had an exciting game," he added.

The skipper believed that he is confident in his team?s ability to win the event: "To a large extent, we are confident of successfully winning the tournament. The lads are working well and with the help our coaches, we will achieve our goal, which is winning."

"Our team?s strength lies more on our bowling options, including good fielders. The batting side is not so much of a weakness, but it is definitely not a strong point either."

"Our success also defines the popularity of the game in our country with youth. Currently the sport is getting stronger by the day while in some regions (Lagos), it is more popular. More schools are now playing cricket," he said.

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