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Suji believes Kenya will rely on bowling to qualify

Mon, Aug 23, 2010 2:35 PM

Suji believes Kenya will rely on bowling to qualify
Kenya U19 coach Martin Suji is hopeful that his side can qualify for the global ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier.

In an interview with the ICC website, he said he believes his side will rely on its bowling if it is to be successful at the qualifying event which begins on 29 August.

What preparations have you made for the event?

We have mostly been trying to strengthen our fitness levels and have been involved in a series of matches against one of the teams within our region which has given us exposure to different situations. We look forward to play one more regional side before the tournament.

What have been your most memorable performances in recent times?

The most memorable moment in recent times was in Zambia when the Kenyan under-19 team beat Tanzania under-19 by 19 runs after they bowled us out for 94 runs and they were happy with their efforts not knowing that it is not over until it finally over.

How popular is cricket with youth in your country?

Cricket is moderately popular with youth mainly in major towns within the country but the same cannot be said of the youth in the rural areas where other sports are more popular than cricket.

How confident are you of a successful performance in the event?

We have confidence that all departments of batting, bowling and fielding will complement each other for a better performance. We need resilience amongst us to be able to pull through and while we are aware that other teams have also trained well, if we stick to our game plan we can have a successful performance.

What are your team strengths and weaknesses?

Bowling and fielding have been our dominant factors and key to winning us games. Our medium pacers have been economical in restricting the flow of runs while the spinners have been picking important wickets. Despite a strong line-up our batting seems to be our weakness at this stage.

What is your knowledge of other teams playing in the event?

We have met some of our regional counterparts within East Africa in recent matches involving their National sides and our team. Apart from this, we don?t have knowledge of other teams especially in the Southern block of the continent.

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