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Cricket Kenya reaches agreement with players

Mon, Aug 30, 2010 1:29 PM

Cricket Kenya reaches agreement with players
Cricket Kenya has finalised new contracts with the 14 members of the national team squad.

Following a series of meetings between CK officials and the players and their representatives, agreement was reached and the players have signed the new one year contracts which run until 31st May 2011.

Cricket Kenya Chief Executive Tom Sears said: 'Obviously this has been a difficult issue that resulted in a completely unacceptable situation where we were unable to fulfil an important part of our preparation for a major ICC event.

'It is fair to say that some good has come out of the initial dispute in the fact that after a series of meetings and presentations the players now have a better understanding of Cricket Kenya's plan for the future, the constraints we as an organisation face and their responsibilities as members of the national squad.

'All the players have now agreed new contracts within our original budget for the year which was crucial.

'A number of issues have been addressed and we are confident that Cricket Kenya, of which we are all part, can now focus on the most important issues of developing and strengthening the game at all levels.'

Captain Morris Ouma said on behalf of the players: 'As a squad we are very pleased to have resolved all the outstanding issues relating to our contracts. The process has been very positive and constructive and we are now looking forward to focusing on our cricket and achieving the standards we set ourselves as a squad, something which we have failed to do recently.

'We are confident that we have started a new page and everyone at Cricket Kenya is united and looking forward to a positive future together.'

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