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Kirsten lauds ICC on Africa initiative

Wed, Sep 8, 2010 1:40 PM

Former South Africa batsman Peter Kirsten has praised the efforts of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in promoting the game in his region.

"That the ICC is prepared to invest in the advancement of the continent is admirable and sends positive signals to players, administrators and, importantly, coaching staff in terms of planning and effective use of the US dollar they are channeling into the game," Kirsten wrote in his syndicated column in the Daily Dispatch.

Kirsten currently works with the Zambian team and has previously worked with Jersey and Kenyan sides.

Kirsten was writing from Windhoek as he saw his charges participate in the ICC Africa Under-19 World Cup qualifiers.

In particular, Kirsten wrote that he was pleasantly surprised to see Botswana teens challenge title holders Namibia and Kenya.

About Zambia, Kirsten wrote: "This team (Zambia) I have coached is young, eager. They have battled along and to record four wins out of seven is a good effort. Overall Africa cricket is on the rise."

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