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Malawi aims for top honours at Africa WCL Division 3

Sat, Oct 3, 2009 1:55 PM

Malawi aims for top honours at Africa WCL Division 3
On the eve of the Africa World Cricket League Division 3 to be stage in Blantyre Malawi, Riz Omar, the current Chairman of the Malawi cricket Union, said that the host nation would like to regain its former place as a major player East African cricket.

Malawi a former British Colony and power house in East Africa cricket was instrumental in the creating the cricketing foundation for countries like Tanzania and Uganda.

With the final finishing touches been done and the arrival of the participating countries into Blantyre today, Malawi Cricket are hoping for a faultless tournament. The final ground inspections have been concluded, by the Tournament Referee and Home Union chairman. The stage is set for an interesting five days of cricket.

This tournament is the first step in the long journey to the Cricket World Cup. The participating countries include relative minnows Rwanda, Lesotho, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

In is clear to see why Malawi fancy their chances. Malawi has a cricketing history going back over five decades, a facility infrastructure to be envied. All the matches are to be played on turf wickets, some capable of five to seven strips!

The Africa Division 3 event begins on Saturday 3 October and the final days play on Wednesday 7 October.

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