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Fixtures revised for the ICC Africa T20 Div 2 Tournament

Wed, May 11, 2011 12:57 PM

The ICC Africa regional office has revised the fixtures for the ICC Africa T20 Div tournament to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. This tournament is scheduled to commence on Saturday, 14 May 2011.

The top two qualifiers from this tournament will proceed to the ICC Africa T20 division one tournament which is scheduled to be held in Entebbe, Uganda. This division one tournament will take place in mid-July 2011.


Tanzania, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Swaziland, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda

ICC Africa WCL T20 Div 2

All matches will be played at Sahara Park Willowmore

Day 1Round 1Tanzania v Bye
Day 1Round 1Botswana VS Rwanda
Day 1Round 1Nigeria VS Malawi
Day 1Round 1Ghana VS Mozambique
Day 1Round 2Malawi v Bye
Day 1Round 1Swaziland VS Sierra Leone
Day 1Round 2Tanzania VS Rwanda
Day 1Round 2Botswana VS Mozambique
Day 2Round 2Nigeria VS Sierra Leone
Day 2Round 2Ghana VS Swaziland
Day 2Round 3Tanzania VS Malawi
Day 2Round 3Sierra Leone v Bye
Day 2Round 3Rwanda VS Mozambique
Day 2Round 3Botswana VS Swaziland
Day 2Round 3Nigeria VS Ghana
Day 3Round 4Tanzania VS Mozambique
Day 3Round 4Malawi VS Sierra Leone
Day 3Round 4Rwanda VS Swaziland
Day 3Round 4Ghana v Bye
Day 3Round 4Botswana VS Nigeria
Day 3Round 5Tanzania a VS Sierra Leone
Day 3Round 5Mozambique VS Swaziland
Day 4Round 5Botswana v Bye
Day 4Round 5Malawi VS Ghana
Day 4Round 5Rwanda VS Nigeria
Day 4Round 6Tanzania VS Swaziland
Day 4Round 6Rwanda v Bye
Day 4Round 6Sierra Leone VS Ghana
Day 4Round 6Mozambique VS Nigeria
Day 4Round 6Malawi VS Botswana
Day 5Round 7Tanzania VS Ghana
Day 5Round 7Swaziland VS Nigeria
Day 5Round 7Sierra Leone VS Botswana
Day 5Round 7Mozambique v Bye
Day 5Round 7Malawi VS Rwanda
Day 5Round 8Swaziland VS Malawi
Day 5Round 8Sierra Leone VS Mozambique
Day 6Round 8Nigeria v Bye
Day 6Round 8Ghana VS Rwanda
Day 6Round 8Tanzania VS Botswana
Day 6Round 9Mozambique VS Malawi
Day 6Round 9Swaziland v Bye
Day 6Round 9Tanzania VS Nigeria
Day 6Round 9Ghana a VS Botswana
Day 6Round 9Sierra Leone VS Rwanda

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