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ICC-Africa is set to host its' Second Umpire Forum since inception in 2010

Wed, Oct 12, 2011 7:42 PM

From the 25-27 November 2011, the ICC-Africa regional office is set to host its' Second Affiliate and Associate Umpire's Forum to be held on the African continent.

The RDM is excited that this year Africa will see the numbers increasing in the A; B and Emerging Panel of Umpires in Africa and at the same time he has accommodated for Scorers Courses to compliment the inflow of additional umpires to keep the balance in check.

The aim of this Forum is to broaden the spears of the umpire panels for Africa as well as to introduce woman umpires into the set-up and at the same time increase the Umpiring knowledge of those currently on our Panel of emerging umpires. It is anticipated that at the conclusion of the 2011 forum that the regional office will have introduced a higher number of male and female umpires into the Africa panel who will have a chance at umpiring the games set to take place in 2012.

The ICC-Africa Umpire's Forum will see a tremendous increase of 30 delegates attending from 17 countries as opposed to last years 22 from 14 countries!

As per last year's Forum, the Umpires will all be put through their paces by top level presenters on umpiring techniques and the nuances of tournament umpiring. Rudi Koetzen; Former South African test umpire Cyril Mitchley, Karl Hurter and Shahid Wadvalla will present aspects of umpiring as well as playing conditions and other course material. There will be special input from local Umpires such as Shaid Wadvalla relating to the umpire evaluation system and other aspects.

Topics to be discussed during this forum will range from pretournament preparation, the psychology of umpiring, physical preparation for the umpire, umpire methodology; umpiring technique as well as the laws of umpiring and D/L. There will be updated material of umpiring that will also be deliberated in this seminar courtesy of Brent Silva of the ICC HQ Umpiring Department.

Umpires will be put on test by umpiring at allocated Eastern Cricket League matches following the forum whereby they will be expected to implement the recently acquired knowledge, and manage these matches according to their perspective. They will be evaluated and graded by local cricket umpires and the captains of the matches concerned. These will form the basis of how we will be able to determine the umpire allocations for the upcoming events in 2012.

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