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Cricket Kenya awards new contracts

Tue, May 29, 2012 4:25 PM

Cricket Kenya awards new contracts
Cricket Kenya has agreed National Squad contracts with 20 players for 2012/13.

The National Selection panel chaired by Alpesh Vadher made recommendations to the Cricket Kenya Board which were unanimously accepted and all 20 players have accepted their new agreements.

Chief Executive Tom Sears said: 'Cricket Kenya is delighted to announce that 20 players have agreed National contracts. We have great faith in the players selected, they are a young squad and will need time to reach their full potential, but they have an enormous amount of ability and given time there is no reason why this squad can't start producing the results we all hope to see.

'The process of renewing the contracts has been extremely simple this year which has been refreshing, I would commend the players for choosing to represent themselves as opposed to being influenced by third parties, and on the way they have conducted themselves throughout the process. All discussions have been very open and constructive which bodes well for the future.'

The 20 players contracted are as follows:

Ragheb Aga
Duncan Allan
James Ngoche
Shem Ngoche
Alex Obanda
Collins Obuya
Nehemiah Odhiambo
Nelson Odhiambo
Irfan Karim
Ibrahim Akello
Alfred Luseno
Peter Kituku
Dominic Wesonga
Morris Ouma
Lucas Oluoch
Elijah Otieno
Rakep Patel
Hiren Varaiya
Seren Waters
Emmanuel Bundi

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