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Tanzania steps up junior cricket development programme

Mon, Mar 8, 2010 6:00 PM

Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) began its school cricket programme last month with two activities aimed at developing the game at the grass-roots level of the game.

A primary school Twenty20 league for both genders from various schools in Dar-es-Salaam took off on 20 February with a total of 15 boys' and 10 girls' teams participating in a round-robin competition. A similar primary school league was also played in Morogoro with four boys' teams and girls' teams taking part.

In the other programme, a three-day introductory cricket course was successfully held in Dar-es-Salaam in February at Annadil Burhani for 17 sports teachers from various primary schools. The course covered all the aspects of the game including playing, scoring, umpiring and coaching and was conducted by Hamisi Abdallah (Senior Dev Officer) and Khalil Rehemtulla (Development Coordinator) under the supervision of TCA Chairman Zully Rehemtulla.

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