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Botswana launches new cricket programme

Sun, Aug 30, 2009 10:45 PM

Botswana held it ICC Centenary celebrations in Gaborone in August, with the launch of a new cricket programme.

King’s Camps Botswana, with the support of Botswana Cricket Association, launched a cricket programme focused on encouraging young boys and girls to discover and develop their cricket abilities and was sponsored by Debonairs Pizza.

Participants who took part in the week of cricket got to the opportunity to progress from the general techniques involved in cricket to specific skills and drills that are essential in the sport.

Activities included in the programme included sessions on batting, bowling, throwing, catching and fielding as well as fun games and competitions.

A young girl, Donna Simon, won the ‘Cricketer of the Week Award’ for her outstanding performance throughout the week and her excellent sportsmanship. By the end of the week, the majority of the children who took part in this were keen on keeping the cricketing spirit alive by wanting to coming back for more cricket, which shows that there is hope for cricket to develop to greater heights in Botswana.

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