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ICC Africa WCL Division 2 schedule announced

Mon, Apr 12, 2010 12:42 PM

ICC Africa WCL Division 2 schedule announced
Africa Cricket Association (ACA) has announced fixtures for the ICC Africa World Cricket League Division 2 event from 24-29 April 2010 in Benoni, South Africa.

The tournament will be competed by six teams - Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Sierra Leone and Zambia - in a round-robin 50-over format for qualification to Division 1.

Botswana won the last Division 2 event in South Africa in October 2008 while hosts Tanzania won the 2006 event. The complete fixtures are as given below (venues TBC)

24 AprilZambia vs Sierra LeoneTBC
Mozambique vs MalawiTBC
Ghana vs SwazilandTBC
25 AprilZambia vs MalawiTBC
Sierra Leone vs SwazilandTBC
Mozambique vs GhanaTBC
26 AprilZambia vs SwazilandTBC
Malawi vs GhanaTBC
Sierra Leone vs MozambiqueTBC
27 AprilRest/Reserve Day
28 AprilZambia vs GhanaTBC
Swaziland vs MozambiqueTBC
Malawi vs Sierra LeoneTBC
29 AprilZambia vs MozambiqueTBC
Ghana vs Sierra LeoneTBC
Swaziland vs MalawiTBC

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